Services list

Custom 3D printing

We are producing the models with FDM and SLA methods. The material is plastic (there are a lot of types of plastic, and you can consult with us about which one to use). The smallest printable part is 47µm, and the biggest is 400mm. 


Modifications of your model

Do you want to modify your 3D model? The manufacturer did not make the product according to your needs? Let us solve this problem.

Production of the functional models

If you need a firm and practical component or model? Or would you like to produce a prototype or series of parts? No problem with the FDM print. 


Creation of the 3D models

Maybe you ask yourself: What if I do not have my model? Don't worry. We will create one for you, do not hesitate to contact us here: Contact. 


Production of the decorative models

Have you ever dreamed about a decorative model or object? And you have not found it on the internet? Send us what you have in mind, and your dream will come true.  


We can transfer original objects into a 3D models and print them. If you want to have, for example, a statue with your face, then this service is just for you.

Laser engraving

Our company also own a laser engraver. The machine can work with wood, paper and plywood. It is possible to use your photos or images and engrave a photo of your pet on the wood, for example. After consultation, we can cut the wood or paper with the laser. If you are interested in this service, you can contact us here: Contact